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Lydia Bradey
Lydia Bradey
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Lydia's Testimonials

  • I met Lydia when I asked her to speak at the 23rd Annual Casino Risk Management Conference held in Christchurch 2010. She is truly inspirational and presents a breath-taking, high energy presentation. An exciting mixture of visual presentation and Lydia’s life experiences leaves the audience with learning’s on either personal or corporate level and a taste for testing boundaries and living life to the full. A must for energising your conference.” 
    Darren Henderson, Security and Surveillance Manager, Christchurch Casino’s Limited.
  • …I was organizing the AGM for the NZ Professional Hunting Guides Association 2011.  I needed a guest speaker that could deliver a message, entertain and maintain the attention of members. Lydia was the person I needed for the AGM.  Over the following weeks Lydia worked on her presentation and was extremely thorough in researching her audience to match the content of the presentation she was building. That both Lydia and I share a common interest in Risk Management and the guiding industry provided a good platform for Lydia to work from for her presentation.  Her presentation was awesome and delivered a strong message while managing to remain entertaining and engaging. Thank you Lydia from those in attendance, and from those of us on the
    Executive of the Hunting Guides Association."
    Gerald Telford Fishing & Hunting Services
  • I recently attended a presentation she delivered within the 2008 Mountain Film Festival, Wanaka. …She [Lydia] is well known locally, nationally and internationally as an exceptional climber, a great adventurer, a leader of exotic treks and climbs in faraway places and a mountain guide who has achieved worldwide recognition.  Over and above these aspects Lydia is also a great raconteur whose presentations are also often hugely amusing. And made more so because of her self deprecating style. …As an [Organisational] coach, I deeply appreciate someone who is the ideal in terms of setting up a huge and often impossible sounding goal and achieving it on her own terms. Firstly by taking it on because of her passion in her field, and then subsequently through planning, working out the logistics, getting support and resources, dealing with all the crises and often insurmountable odds along the way, and finally doing what she set out to do. Sharing this with her audience and supporting the presentation with well chosen and exciting images was not only enthralling but hugely motivational. …I could not recommend her highly enough as an inspirational individual who has the ability to encourage others to set their sights far beyond their comfort zone and to set goals based on passion and determination.
    Devon Hotop, Dip. PE, B.A. Hist & Eng, M.A. (Hons) Sociology , DH and Associates
  • Recently Lydia was the guest speaker at the celebration dinner for the centenary of the ascent of Mt Cook on 3 December 1910 by Freda du Faur, the first woman to do so. Lydia was the natural choice, as she is already an accomplished speaker and as one of our best known/foremost women mountaineers could lend her own experiences of pushing boundaries in mountaineering in New Zealand and overseas. The Freda du Faur Centenary required considerable preparation in researching and interpreting Freda’s own classic account of her four summers’ intensive climbing at Mt Cook, showing Lydia’s ability to tackle topics outside her normal speaking range. Lydia’s topic Freda the Mountaineer complemented related presentations earlier in the day – a superb highlight at the end of a successful centennial day of celebration… ."
    Jay Davison, New Zealand Alpine Club, January 2011
  • Saatchi & Saatchi, (conference theme: “To Die For”) “Thank you so much for your fantastic presentation to our recent conference. Your achievements are inspiring, your ability to involve and captivate and audience awesome and your presentation was indeed To Die For.  The conference was a great success and the Agency is on an all time high – largely thanks to your contribution…”
    Kim Wickstead, General Manager; & Jax McCutcheon, Office Manager, October 1999.
  • National Conference, United Travel and Biztrav
    “…one of the key objectives of the conference was to provide motivation and inspiration to the 200+ frontline selling staff present, as well as to provide them with tools for personal growth and business development. Lydia’s address met all of the above objectives, and far exceeded my expectations.  Her delivery was both fresh and genuine, and the content of her address was highly relevant, awe-inspiring and inspirational.  Her audience was absolutely spellbound, and the slide-show which supported her address was nothing short of spectacular. “Lydia’s down-to-earth nature and sense of humour established her as a firm favourite with the audience with the result that many delegates felt a personal connection with Lydia…her address was one of the highlights of our conference, and her connection, understanding and delivery of our objectives made her not only very entertaining but also meaningful and valuable.

    Barry Fenton, Managing Director, June 2001.